Quality Policy

Quality Policy

MTL is committed to providing consistent quality testing services that strictly conform to state-of-the-art regulatory requirements and exceed customer satisfactions for accuracy and reliability at all terms.

It is MTL’s policy to consistently comply with ISO 17025 in order to ensure testing services of the highest caliber. MTL will maintain, improve and ensure the effectiveness of its quality system controls and benchmarks to warrant the provision of superior standard services to its customers, while strengthening its business objectives and the corporate performance targets. Overall objectives and QMS key demands are established and periodically reviewed.

MTL will strive continuously to enhance the skills and competence of its employees through regular training and evaluation by upgrading the technical capabilities to adopt sustainable and safe practices.

Core Values

Core Value

MTL envisions to be the leader in advanced value-added construction materials testing and engineered solutions in the GCC. Through highly trained and qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, MTL is committed to bringing to its customers the best services and most reliable results. MTL strives to empower the local construction industry achieving durable and sustainable civil infrastructure of the highest caliber on time and at lowest cost, while surpassing international standards of quality and performance.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

MTL is committed to providing the highest quality attainable for our customers. Our proven quality program assures full confidence in both the precision and the accuracy of our analyses.

All analytical instruments are regularly calibrated to ensure that all equipment and instrumentation function at their optimum capacity. Complete calibration records are maintained in compliance with ISO 17025 and SAC standards. Considering the importance of analytics in the construction industry, MTL's management fully committed to providing quality concrete as per regulations and customer requirements.

Moreover, we also realize that customer needs and expectations evolve continually - so, we work closely with our customers to make sure our services are the best.



To be the preeminent source of specialized testing and technical services for the construction industry in the Gulf region, with the most refined understanding of the industry needs.


Mission Statement  

To provide superior testing and innovative technical solutions that help our clients execute quality construction projects on time and with optimal profit.

Training Academy

MTL Training Academy Center

MTL Academy to educate younger generations and share new insights, MTL provide continuous training for our laboratory staff to enhance their knowledge and technical skills, MTL can also organize specialized training courses for your engineers and employees.