North Jeddah Water Treatment Plant, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi water sector, like the entire country, has undergone tremendous changes over the past decades from a system based on the use of local renewable water resources for small-scale irrigation and limited domestic uses to a system largely based on the use of desalinated water and fossil groundwater for large-scale irrigation and domestic, commercial and industrial uses at a level comparable to developed countries. The Saline Water Conversion Corporation, created in 1965, has been an important player in this process of change.

In 2003 the Ministry of Water and Energy was created. It took over the water resources management function from the Ministry of Agricultural and Water and the responsibility for water supply and sanitation from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. In the same year the Water & Electricity Company was created as an off-taker for water and electricity produced by the IWPPs.

Type of MTL Work Assignment

  • Development of concrete mixtures up to 100 MPa.
  • Development of temperature control of mass concrete up to 2 m thick, thermal cracking mitigation.
  • Instrumentation for temperature monitoring and data acquisition of concrete.
  • Solving concrete production problems.
  • Development of lightweight concrete
  • Solving fresh concrete problems.
  • Cementitious materials testing.
  • Aggregates testing.
  • Fresh concrete testing.
  • Hardened concrete testing.
  • Concrete durability Testing.
  • Rebars and strands testings
  • Steel anchors and bolts testing.